Ideal Small Arms – Polymer Magazine – 22lr – 10 cartridges


Ideal Small Arms – Polymer magazine designed specifically for use between a number of different brands of rimfire rifles.

Compatible with:-

Norinco JW25 & JW15

Brno Model 1 and Model 2

CZ452, CZ453, CZ455 & CZ512

Lithgow Crossover LA101*

Manufactured from tough PA6 (Nylon) polymer plastic. UV resistant, gun oil and lubricant resistant.


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Ideal Small Arms – Polymer Magazine – 22lr – 10 cartridges

Made in Australia

Suitable for these models in calibre 22lr 

  • Brno Models 1, 2 & 5
  • CZ452, CZ453, CZ455, CZ457, CZ512 & CZ515
  • Cogswell & Harrison Certus
  • Norinco JW15 & JW25
  • Lithgow Crossover LA101 * (may require adjustment of follower.  Please view Ozzie Review video starting at 8:30 minutes for remedy.)

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We cannot export any magazines from Australia.



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